Our knees are often taken for granted until one day you notice something has changed either dramatically or subtlely. Maybe years of wear from flat feet has weakened the thigh muscles and can leave the knee and the kneecap or patella vulnerable to injury from sport, ageing and weightgain.
 Genetic factors  plus injury can lead to arthritis.

Typical scenarios that lead to the need for treatment:

  • twisting injuries at sport involving a pop or tearing sensation
  • grinding noises on stairs
  • difficulty kneeling or getting out of a chair or up from the floor
  • swellling and morning stiffness
  • weakness or an unstable feeling
  • locking or giving way

By observing your foot posture and how you walk we can make all kinds of corrections as appropriate. Fitting inserts to footwear for correction of arches,taping to retrain the tracking of your knee cap and therapies for pain relief which may include acupuncture can be useful.  You will be referred on to your GP if it is apparent that further investigation or a specialist is required.