Sports Injuries

sportsWe know how much mountains residents love their sports, from cycling to soccer and more recently the popularity of pole dancing and boxing among women is on the rise! Our understanding from current research is proving that 'exercise is the best medicine' as our grannies knew all those years ago.  Exercise can sometimes result in injuries from overtraining, poor technique or accidents.

We regularly see these types of injuries and many more...


  • ankle sprains from rolling over on uneven ground( or another players foot!)
  • knee ligament/ cartilage or meniscal tears
  • calf tears and Achilles tendon strains
  • overuse injuries including growing pains in children/adolescents
  • tennis and golfers elbows
  • back and neck pain
  • fractures

If you have an acute injury we will always try to see you as soon as possible.An X-ray or GP consult can be arranged immediately if there is any suspicion of a fracture or further tests required.
The correct care early on can change the outcome of your injury . Many people , through fear of doing the wrong thing , do nothing! We understand that simple  advice on whether to use ice or heat can be so important along with which exercises to start and when. On the other hand , that pesky niggle after 9 holes on the golfcourse or that knee pain that starts 5 kms into your run is just as important to diagnose to prevent unnecessary complications.
You can use our gym, complete with audiovisual biofeedback simulated sporting games  , exercise bike , Fit balls and various resistance bands in our rehabilitation protocols which are thoroughly supervised on site.  We can then adapt them for you to continue exercising independently at home.