Post Operative Physiotherapy

If you've had recent surgery or are about to go through an operation  to reconstruct or replace a joint such as your knee, hip , shoulder or ankle then we can give you the confidence to  start the process of getting back to normal. It's often  diificult to know how hard to push yourself but by following your surgeon's guidelines and recognising that no two people are the same we can  get you through the rehab process .We manage all stages from the initial post-op to the final outcome. We understand that different pain thresholds , healing rates ,age , sport ,occupation and operative techniques will impact your recovery so we will adapt to your individual situation.

If you require pre-hab ,we can take you through the exercise protocols prior to your operation to give you a headstart if possible.You can even learn how to use your crutches beforehand which is especially helpful if you have stairs to negotiate.

We are experienced to assist you after

  • shoulder acromioplasty, rotator cuff repair , stabilisation and shoulder replacement
  • total knee replacement , ACL reconstruction, knee arthroscopy
  • hip replacement
  • ankle reconstruction
  • various other surgeries